Alumni about Audentes IB


Take the opportunity to study at IB! This opportunity does not come twice. The programme has lot`s of benefits. Students should not be afraid of challenges. The IB is challenging, but enjoyable journey.

Miia Natka
Alumnus of Audentes IB
Copenhagen School of Design and Technology
Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management


ib-vilistlane_2016_greta-olive-magiIB`s long days and difficult college level classes do make it feel like university.

Greta Olive Mägi

Alumnus of Audentes IB
University of Northern Colorado



You can freely express your opinion and thoughts about a topic, the teacher is like an equal partner and you can really have a conversation, not just teacher telling what is right and students have to listen.

Karolina Puksa
Alumnus of Audentes IB
University of Tartu
Gene Technology


ib-vilistlane_2016_elizaveta-tashlikovichIB Students are more developed in different areas and they are not restricted in a learning process. IB offers a good opportunity to develop yourself and be different from others. IB is basically an university course, which puts you into the real conditions we will have in 2 years in universities.

Elizaveta Tashlikovich
Alumnus of Audentes IB
Maastricht University
European Public Health



I enjoy that in lessons there is a free approach. Lessons are more enjoyable because of different styles of teaching. I think knowledge in the basic school comes from facts and strict study plan, but IB students gain knowledge through discussions. When you are sure that you can manage IB, it gives you plenty of benefits for your life.

Johan Mattias Lõiv
Alumnus of Audentes IB
Stenden University, Netherlands