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About MiniMUN
Mini Model United Nations (MiniMUN) is a competitive academic simulation organized in the cooperation with the United Nations Association Estonia and Audentes erakool, IB.

The simulation aims at creating better understanding of the United Nations Organisation, its history, functions, influence and the role it plays on the international arena while educating high school students about global politics, civics, foreign policy, globalisation, effective communication and multilateral diplomacy.

Application process
As Mini MUN 2015 was successful, this year a new and even bigger Mini MUN will be organized on January 26th-27th in Audentes Erakool, Tallinn. High school students are very welcome to apply to become a delegate of either the Security Council or Human Rights Council. As there are only 15 member states in the Security Council, all applicants have to fill in the application form and write a 1-2 page long position paper by 16th of January 2016 and send it  to una.estonia@gmail.com.

If you are applying for the Security Council
Please choose one of the P5 countries from the Security Council (USA, UK, Russia, China or France) and write a 1-2 pages long essay detailing the countries policies concerning the fight against ISIS.

If you are applying for the Human Rights Council
Please choose a country that will be in the Human Rights Council in 2016 and write 1-2 pages long essay detailing the countries policies concerning human rights violations and the ISIS.

The list of the member states currently sitting in the Human Rights Council can be found from here.


26th of January 2016:         
10.30–11.00 Registration/ Coffee Break
11.00–12.00 Opening Ceremony
12.00–13.15 Mock Session
13.15–14.15 Lunch
14.15–15.45 Session 1
15.45–16.00 Coffee Break
16.00–17.30 Session 2
18.00–20.00 Diplomats Dance

27th of January 2016:
8.30–10.30 Session 3
10.30–10.45 Coffee Break
10.45–11.45 Session 4
11.45–12.45 Lunch
12.45–15.15 Session 5
15.15–16.00 Closing Ceremony

Breakfast and Dinner are available at the Daily Café at Audentes from 8 AM to 8 PM

Participation fee: 12 eur (covers the costs of 2 lunches, coffee breaks, opening and closing ceremony). Payment details ib@audentes.ee.

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