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Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria

2 points 1 point 0 points
Comprehensive treatment of topic The topic has been treated comprehensively. The treatment of the topic has certain shortcomings. The treatment of the topic has numerous shortcomings.

The app can be effectively used in studying a specific topic and subject. (4 points)


The connection between the app and the topic is unclear or the other students and/or teachers cannot use the app easily.
(2 points)
The app cannot be used for learning.
Study guide The material includes a study guide which states the topic, subject and target group. The study guide has shortcomings. The study guide is too simplistic or there is no study guide.
Factual correctness The app does not have any factual errors. The app has a few actual errors. The app has numerous factual errors.
Motivating properties, age-appropriateness, innovation, development of learning skills  The app motivates students and is age-appropriate. The study material supports the development of the student’s learning skills. The app has certain shortcomings. The app is not age-appropriate, does not motivate learning and does not support the development of learning skills.
Volume, format and compatibility of material The app is the optimum size and can be used in different browsers and on different platforms. The material opens quickly. If its use requires special software, there are instructions on how to find and use it. The app cannot be used with different web browsers or platforms. The app is either too simple or too complex.
Correct use of language
The content has no linguistic errors. The content has certain linguistic errors. The content has numerous linguistic errors.
Design The app has a uniform style. The background and text colours go well together and the text is easy to read against the background. The design is not uniform. The design is careless.
Technical execution  The app does not have any technical errors or dead links and all materials open. The app has certain technical errors. The material cannot be opened and the links do not work.
Copyright Copyright has been taken into consideration during the creation of the app: all materials (pictures, sounds, etc.) of other authors have references. Some references to other authors’ material are missing. References to other authors’ work are missing.
NB! In the event of copyright infringement the work will be disqualified.
Additional points The jury awards an extra 3 points. The jury awards an extra 2 points. The jury awards an extra point.