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Audentes School

Audentes was established as a private school in 1995 under the name Fontes. It was renamed Audentes in 1997.

With 25 years of experience, Audentes has created a variety of opportunities for the comprehensive development of students. We are guided by the principle that there should be balance between mind and body. We consider a student-centred environment and diverse learning very important.

Home and the family values therein form a child’s main development environment. The school’s mission is to be a supportive partner to the family. As such, we can only guarantee that our students will develop into independently thinking, self-acting, cooperative, creative, open and positively-minded adults in cooperation with parents.

Children can acquire knowledge that is in accordance with their age:

  • at the primary and basic school levels;
  • in the international secondary school curriculum International Baccalaureate (IB) study programme; and
  • in a secondary school e-learning environment that accords with the national curriculum.

Audentes offers:

  • friendly, creative, open-minded and motivated teachers whom both children and parents can trust;
  • the best opportunities for the versatile development of students;
  • a learning environment which is modern and safe and where teachers implement active learning methods that are diverse and innovative;
  • cooperation between the school and home which is a natural and integral part of the student’s school life supporting their development;
  • an environment that prepares students for independent life after graduating and which students happily participate in and develop;
  • a network of alumni where former students remain in contact with the school: our graduates set a good example for current students by motivating them to strive for self-fulfilment and a successful future.

Large and small school buildings
Audentes is situated on the grounds of the former Tondi Manor, whose park trees and small ponds have been well preserved. The private school operates in both a large and a small school building.

The large building is for students in higher grades. The friendly and homely atmosphere in the building’s hallways was created through decorations – arts and crafts made by the students. The classrooms are well lit and have modern furnishings. The spacious main hall is used as a venue for memorable school events.

The library offers fiction, subject-specific literature, reference books and textbooks. Publications also include a large selection of sports literature.

The small school building is for students from Grades 1-6, but it is also home to the Audentes Children’s School and the Audentes Hobby Centre. Our child-friendly school building enables younger students to learn and develop in a safe environment. Students who have reached the upper grades of primary school always anxiously await the move to our large school building, since for them this means being part of the group of “older” students.

Wisdom. Health. Balance.
In our daily work we focus on the principle of wisdom, health and balance. In order to achieve balance in life, it is necessary to pay attention to both acquiring knowledge and maintaining your health, and to start leading an active lifestyle in your early years. All students are able to familiarise themselves with sports under the guidance of the renowned Estonian trainers who work at the Audentes Sports Centre.