What is CAS?

As a CAS coordinator I can tell, that this has been the first question I needed to deal with every time I had to introduce CAS to students, parents and teachers. There is no one way how to introduce CAS, this makes it both challenging and fascinating. Just as there is no one way how to introduce it, there is no one how to do it. So to paraphrase the question asked before, I think it is better to ask: “How do we approach CAS in Audentes?”

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) is one of the cores of the IB programme. CAS gives a unique opportunity for students to create links between the classroom and the outside world. It gives an opportunity to see what it takes to move from learning to doing.

There is no one way how to introduce CAS as there is no one way how to carry it out. This is exactly what makes it challenging and fascinating. For the past 5 years we have been approaching CAS in many different ways, redefining it with every new student and teacher who joined our team. This year we are going to continue looking for new ways how to apply our acquired skills and organise even more projects and events through CAS. I never stop being surprised at how many different ways to look at CAS there are. It is inexhaustible! CAS truly allows everyone to reflect on their talents and skills, think how they can improve them or develop new ones and also how they can contribute with these skills to the world around them. I am happy I can be a part of this vibrant community. I am looking forward to working on new projects with the students guiding them through the CAS process. 


Tetyana Kasima

CAS Coordinator



Tatyana Kasima
CAS Coordinator