What is CAS?

As a former CAS coordinator I can tell, that this has been the first question I needed to deal with every time I had to introduce CAS to students, parents and teachers. There is no one way how to introduce CAS, this makes it both challenging and fascinating. Just as there is no one way how to introduce it, there is no one how to do it. So to paraphrase the question asked before, I think it is better to ask: “How do we approach CAS in Audentes?”

CAS stands for creativity, activity and service. In the beginning of the school year, each student makes a list of activities that can fall into either one or all of these categories. This is where the challenge comes in. Where to begin? What count as CAS? I think primarily CAS allows students to stop and think :”What am I good at? What am I interested in? Is there something I have always wanted to try but never had time for or was not sure how to begin?” and many other questions. It is always fascinating to discuss these ideas with students. I never stop being surprised at home many different ways to look at CAS there are. It is inexhaustible! Among my favourites I would name cleaning a local mansion that has been neglected for years, makes you feel adventurous, uncovering long lost secrets, being a judge at the film festival, joining various sports activities such as rock-climbing, diving and Muay Thai, doing a handstand for the first time, creating a website, trying one`s skills at making a computer game; the list goes on and all of this is CAS.

CAS allows everyone to reflect on their talents and skills, think how they can improve them or develop new ones and also how they can contribute with these skills to the world around them. I am happy that I have been part of this vibrant community, as the role of the CAS coordinator is to oversee the process by approving experiences and projects and subsequently contribute to the development of future leaders, develop reflective, caring, open-minded people, who are not afraid of taking risks and are responsible for their actions, are culturally sensitive and principled.

Tetyana Kasima



Jason Cronbach Van Boom
CAS Coordinator