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Tuition fee 2021–2022

Pre-IB year IB Diploma programme
For students receiving educational aid from state
5 May 2021 1450 € 1950 €
5 August 2021 500 € 670 €
5 September 2021 500 € 670 €
5 October 2021 500 € 670 €
5 November 2021 500 € 670 €
5 December 2021 500 € 670 €
5 January 2022 500 € 670 €
5 February 2022 500 € 670 €
5 March 2022 500 € 670 €
5 April 2022 500 € 670 €
WHOLE ANNUAL FEE *5950 € *7980 €

Source: the Decision of Audentese Koolide SA Management Board of 22 March 2021 no 13 clause 2 and 3.

*If the local government of the student’s place of residence according to the population register provides additional funding to Audentes for a student, the student’s tuition fee will be reduced by that amount. If the local government decides to change the amount of additional funding or the principles thereof during the academic year, the change will be reflected in the tuition fee.

Local governments’ decisions on the payment of supplementary allowance

Students who are not receiving educational aid from state, their tuition fee will be increased.

Tuition fees include study activities, textbooks, supervision and counselling. Personal study materials, catering and excursions are at extra cost. There are also additional costs for taking exams (set by the IBO) and delivery (for sending exam materials to examiners).

Discounts and scholarships in IB Diploma Programme

1. Family discount
The family discount applies to families and households where two or more members are studying in an Audentes school (elementary school, basic school, upper secondary school, online upper secondary school or Audentes Sports Gymnasium paid education). A family consists of persons linked as spouses or as parent and child. A household comprises persons living at the same address, keeping the same household and raising a child.

The family discount is available for all children belonging to the same family and household who study at Audentes schools. The following discounts apply to students from the same family and household studying at Audentes schools:

  • 10% for two members;
  • 15% for three members;
  • 20% for four or more members.

2. Advance payment discount
A 5% advance payment discount applies if the entire academic year is paid for in one go within 10 days of signing the contract with Audentese Koolide SA.

3. Scholarships for IB students – For outstanding IB candidates at Audentes there is the possibility of a scholarship equal to one full study fee according to the statutes.