UK Universities

The UK universities generally accept the IB graduates on the following terms:

  • Universities make an offer to the students based on predicted grades around 2nd year February
  • Students apply for the major, not so much the university in general
  • Offers and requirements differ from course to course
  • UK universities do not offer many scholarships and when they do, it is quite a small amount
  • Students have to have certain subjects in order to enter a specific course
  • No foundation year required

University of Oxford:
Students of the International Baccalaureate are usually required to achieve a level of performance of 38–40 points, including core points, with 6s and 7s in the higher level subjects.

University of Cambridge:
Offers are regularly made on the International Baccalaureate graduates, requiring scores between 40 and 42 points out of 45, with 776 or 777 in the Higher Level subjects.