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Audentes buildings now have unique addresses


In accordance with the Spatial Data Act, starting from March 2017, all residential buildings, buildings containing dwellings and buildings of registered offices of legal persons need to have unique addresses.

As a result of altering the address data system and the register of buildings, the buildings located at the cadastral unit of Tondi 84 now also have unique addresses:

  • the big school building Tondi 84/1;
  • the sports centre (with auxiliary rooms) Tondi 84/2;
  • the small school building Tondi 84/3;
  • the canteen and shooting range Tondi 84/4;
  • the student housing Tondi 84/5;
  • the tennis hall Tondi 84/6.

We also added proper house numbers to all Audentes buildings at the beginning of September. Now you can find the right building more quickly than before.