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G4 Project


G4 Project_370x240All Science students must complete Group 4 project, which is a collaborative research project initiated by students itself. This year`s G4 project was about fieldwork and had 2 stages:  field work at Kõrvemaa Landscape Protection area and scientific conference at Finland in our partner School (Etelä-Tapiolan Lukio).

Around 40 students were working together in order to complete a scientific research, based on the mutual interests of the students.

This year we had following topics:

  • measuring the rate of respiration in peatland;
  • how do Ph levels and absorbance relate to each orther in water;
  • investigating the golden ratio;
  • how do carbon dioxide levels affect the growth of lichens;
  • potential of hydrogen and water current speed;
  • how does the light intesity and soil moisture affect plant growth;
  • how does the ph value and color intensity of water vary in different areas.