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Impressions from the first weeks of school


It has already been almost two weeks since Audentes International School students started on their first day of school. The students have had a fantastic chance to experience „Back to school again” feeling, to meet their classmates both the old and the new ones. Students have met new teachers, teachers have met their new colleagues. This year our school has more students than ever.

Everyone has great expectations for this school year – some of us want to make new friends, some, if not everyone, want to become more innovative, gain some knowledge, and get excellent grades. Some of the students expect new experiences, and some hope that they will manage the workload. But we also have one thing in common – we are eager to create a better world through education.

First week of the year was full of various activities: we planned our work, we had presentations, meetings, workshops, gatherings, challenging exercises, a memorable experience visiting Rakett69 where we could step into the shoes of scientists and finally, an unforgettable ride on the Skywheel of Tallinn which took us 120 meters above sea level opening up unbelievable views of Tallinn from different angles. Our students enjoyed the first week, and now they are ready to delve into the world of knowledge with the same enthusiasm they have had during this first week.

Here are some of their comments, wishes, expectations:

„It’s hard to realize that there is only one year of our study left. But we still have a lot ahead of us. At the beginning of the school year, we marked out the tasks to be completed, and I was able to concentrate better and start the school year.”

„The 1st of September was interesting. Many new faces to see and people to meet. It was, of course, wonderful to see old friends again and made me look forward to the new school year.
Friday was a lot of fun. The entire experience of the Rakett 69 studio was fun and was a simple way to either catch up with old acquaintances or meet with the new students. The Skywheel afterwards was also very cool. Overall, a memorable experience.”

„This school year is the last year for us, which means we have to do our best during the examinations and the school course. So far, the year is taking a positive turn with great support from teachers and peers. Even though this year will be one of the most difficult ones, it is important to keep up with the tasks and help other students in need. I hope for the very best for all of us.”

„The first week was exceptional, a crazy class full of different people that all get along in different ways. The teachers were probably every student’s favourite part. They made the first week fun, even though some tried to make them boring, they all still were the most fun any of us have had in school!!”

„I’m doing great! I feel more comfortable and confident than I’ve felt in my previous schools. All of the teachers are amazing and super nice, including my classmates. I have a good feeling about this school year, and hopefully, I’ll end up with good grades.

„Well, I enjoyed the first week quite much. Got to meet wonderful teachers and get to know my classmates better.”

„First weeks were good; I got to see all the different lessons and how they are like, most were pretty fun, but I guess it’s only because it’s the first week. Though I’m worried about the groups, I enjoy the lesson better when everyone is present at once. The class is full, it’s also better because I can see all of my friends and classmates all in one class, it’s more enjoyable, I understand not all students chose the same lessons, but it would be better if it happened less.”

We all, both teachers and students, are looking forward to this school year. We expect a lot of exciting things to happen. Some students only start their IB diploma program or pre-IB year. For some, however, it is the last year. But it will be the best year for all of us. Together we can do anything!