Inglisekeelse teatrietenduse külastus täiendas 6.–8. klasside keeleoskust


Novembrikuus külastasid 6.–8. klasside õpilased Salme kultuurikeskuses ADG-Europe teatritupi etendust „Dracula and the Eco-Warrior“.

ADGE ehk American Drama Group of Europe on Euroopas tegutsev peamiselt ameerika-päritolu näitlejaid koondav teater. Aastas korra või paar käiakse ringreisidel ning pakutakse teismelisele publikule suunatud inglise ja ameerika kirjandusklassikal põhinevaid produktsioone.

Etendusele järgnenud inglise keele tundides toimusid nähtu üle arutelud, mille käigus sai võrreldud näidendit originaalteosega ja jõuti järeldusele, et vampiirlus polegi võib-olla ainult mütoloogiline olend vaid erinevates eluvormides esinev kurjuse kehastus.

Alljärgnevalt saab lugeda 8. a klassi õpilaste Lisett Kahro, Eva Maria Aru ja Karita-Liis Grassmanni mõtteid etendusest.

„Dracula and the Eco-Warrior“ is based on „Dracula“ the novel, written by an Irish author Bram Stoker (1847-1912), he was born in Dublin and he died in London. Stoker is famous for introducing the character of the vampire. The novel tells the story of Dracula’s attempt to move from Transylvania to England.

Dracula is one of the few truly modern myths. The production explores climate change, global warming, climate change denial, urban pollution and its relation to lifestyle and diet and fast food consumption relation to environmental degradation. If we want to protect ourselves from „vampires“, we should fly less, buy food and other products in reusable or recyclable packing.

The production is mainly about the environmental crisis of our planet. It follows the structure of the original book taking characters from the novel. Also, the play tries to update and expand the story to deal with the theme stated above. It tries to develop a parallel between sucking the blood from humans to sucking the life force from our planet. We, people can avoid it. Most people don’t realise how much they affect the environment. The easiest ways to avoid attack „vampires“ are to encourage everyone to learn about the results of climate change and to waste less energy.

The production is about how our environment is changing and how people react to this. It is also about the importance of money. It warns us what might happen if we have much money but we don’t care about the world.

The play isn’t just a story about vampires. It is a story that tells us that we should stick together to take better care of our planet. In the real world there are irresponsible people everywhere and we have to fight against them to save our planet.