Personal Project


keila-sos-lastekula_370x240This year 15 pre-IB students completed successfully their Personal Projects.

The aim of the project is to improve time-management and organizational skills of students and also to prepare them for CAS activities.

Topics for the Personal Projects were following:

  • Dancing with the heart (Miia)
  • Colors and emotions (Liza)
  • Enriching Children`s English (Greta)
  • Harmful food additives (Ralf)
  • Plant growth (Mattias)
  • Tennis (Grete and Henri)
  • Culture of Japan (Bella and Karolina)
  • Competitive sailing (Steven)
  • Food Chemistry (Paul)
  • History of Video games (Greg)
  • How to be a good performer (Samuli)
  • Art and drugs (Felix)
  • Russian food (Irina)

Article about Greta`s Personal Project