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Seminar Day


8th of May IB hosted a Seminar Day, where Students presented their Personal Projects and Extended Essay ideas.  Both of the individual works are an important part of the IB Programme and will give Students  the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of IB core values, as well as skills that they have learned during the course of study programme.


There are two types of Personal Project: those which research a topic and result in an academic essay or those which involve creating something and result in a event or product. This year students were organizing following events for Personal Project-raising Money for homeless, Audentes newspaper and Audentes 20 events. There were also projects about creating something new like electronical song and computer game. From more acadmical world we had following topics-survey on youth smoking, human rights awareness, game translation and the history of cinema. Hope that some of the Personal Projects will turn into rewarding CAS projects or wonderful Extended Essays.

Extended Essay ideas were presented by DP 1st year Students and this year we had quite a broad range of topics from hippies in English literature to measuring waves in Tallinn Bay. Most popular subject was English, that was chosen by 4 Students, who will research on hippies, creativity, propaganda and reasons why English has become a worldwide language. Also quite some Students chose History and they will give a look at Dadaism, Italy and Crown jewels. In Sciences topics were waves, solar panels, computer video cards and ecosemiotics. Last but not least we also had one Estonian essay on poetry comparison. Good luck to all Extended Essay researchers to work on methodology and collect the data during summer. We are looking forward to see the progress again in September.