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Viiendate klasside õpilased osalesid keeleõppeprogrammis Inglismaal


Viiendate klasside õpilastel oli aprillikuu koolivaheajal võimalus viibida keeleõppeprogrammi Stay and Study raames loode-Inglismaal, Exeteris.

Õpilased elasid paari-kolmekaupa peredes ning osalesid iga päev spetsiaalselt neile kohandatud õppetegevuses. Programm oli vaheldusrikas, pakkudes ülevaadet piirkonna vaatamisväärsustest ning ajaloost. Õpilased said kiita nii hea inglise keele oskuse kui ka distsiplineerituse eest. Kohalikud õpetajad ei jõudnud ära imestada, kuidas nii noored inimesed juba nii iseseisvad on. Keeleõppeprogrammis osalesid Evelin Naptal, Lisette Nikolajev, Danero Säde, Mona Sofia Tahk, Hannah Caroliina Uibo 5.a klassist ja Ron Grištšenko, Kaur Jakob Kasela, Sten-Egert Märtson, Chrislin Normatova ning Elisabeth Ots 5.b klassist.

Alljärgneva kokkuvõtte toimunust pani kirja Danero Säde 5.a klassist.
Saturday, 16 April. A trip to Dartmoor. Thousands of kilometres of wilderness. Don’t go there alone without proper clothing and plenty of food. As the weather can be quite unpredictable, a compass is a must. It’s the place where you can easily get lost and meet several ghosts, Kitty Jay among them. Listen to the Kitty Jay song by Seth Lakeman and you learn a lot about the tragedy that happened long time. Still very strange things happen at her grave. Dartmoor is also the place where A.C. Doyle got the idea for his Hound of the Baskervilles. In the afternoon we had Cream Tea, a local speciality – scones with clotted cream and jam – in a nice café.
Sunday, 17 April. It was a really interesting experience to ride along the River Exe, even though it was a bit tiring. The picnic on the beach in Exmouth, however, was really relaxing.
Monday, 18 April – Tuesday, 19 April. Learning about England and the English language at the local Community Centre. I had really low expectations about learning during the holiday but it turned out to be very interesting and afterwards I was really happy.
Wednesday, 20 April. We went to Magdalen Court School which is a public school (private). I didn’t know what to expect. Soon we realized that more or less everything was exactly the same as in Estonia. The only difference was that the lessons lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes. I made a really good friend there who I still talk to on the Internet. In the evening we played bowling and after that went to the Ghosts and Legends Tour. We learned that Exeter is the fourth most haunted towns in England.
Thursday, 21 April. At school in the morning, in the evening we had a farewell party where we got our certificates. We also celebrated Queen’s 90th birthday. A lot of fun and a lot of walking.
Friday, 22 April. I was really sad that we had to go because I liked England. Of course I missed my family but one day I’d like to go there again.