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Weave yourself into Estonian history!


On Thursday May 18 the IB 10. class visited Rocca al Mare Open Air Museum. Every student had prepared a presentation on one of the buildings in the complex. Even those students who study Estonian as a second language managed very well and the weather was cool and Spring-like. However, the view of the sea was a bit obscured by mist. It was an opportunity to move about and swing while learning new facts about Estonian rural life and culture.

The day was made special because everyone was able to take part in the making of an Estonian One Hundred Anniversary gift throwaway rug and thereby weave their way and leave their name into history. Everyone interested can take part in this way and become part of Estonian history.  The weaving was easily accomplished as it was led by specialists present but the one line contribution seemed to be much too little.

For some the Open Air Museum was a familiar place for others it was their first visit but it was interesting for all. Everyone was able to demonstrate their presentation skills and acquire new knowledge and rug weaving skills. It was a pleasant experience for all.